A basic trousseau for the baby

A basic trousseau for the baby

There is little left until the birth of your baby and it is time to do the last purchases to prepare the basket for your little one. In order to offer the baby adequate care from the first moment, parents must start preparing the basket that they will take to the hospital, with everything the baby needs. Thinking about it, has prepared a list of basic things for the newborn. Take note.

Currently, there is a very wide offer ofbaby care related productsTherefore, parents should put limits on their purchases so as not to be tempted to buy more than necessary. Before going shopping, it is convenient to make a list of what the baby will really need, especially in its first months of life.

To avoid unnecessary purchases, which are to blame for the accumulation of objects that we do not use at home, it is best to prepare the baby's basket with criteria, taking into account what they are going to give us and what our brothers or friends are going to leave us . Being tempted to buy more than you need is easy, but impractical. With these tips you can prepare a basic trousseau for your baby.

- 2 sets of towels, preferably bath capes (they have a hood)

- 3 or 4 rompers (pajamas with feet) or sleeping bags

- 2 blankets and a lullaby

- 2 light sweaters or fleeces

- 2 pants with feet

- 2 hats

- 3 pairs of socks

- 3 knitted, cotton or wool booties or shoes

- 5 to 7 100% cotton t-shirts

- 6 bodysuits

- 4 dozen newborn diapers

- 4 sets of walking clothes

- 1 coat or diver (for very cold places)

When buying clothes for the baby, it is advisable to take into account some considerations:

- Buy, at least, one size larger. Babies grow very quickly, especially during the first year, and that will prevent clothes from becoming too small in no time. Better that they wear loose clothes than tight.

- Buy clothes, preferably cotton, to avoid possible allergies or eczema on the skin.

- Buy pajamas and rompers that can be closed at the baby's crotches. They are more comfortable when changing the child's diapers, since you will only have to undress him from the waist down.

- Look at the labels on the clothes, to know if you are interested in the type of washing or detergent it requires.

- Buy hard shoes only when the baby starts to stand up. Before you can wear soft booties or shoes, which are more comfortable.

The decoration of the baby's room requires combining the taste for colors, furniture and accessories. It is convenient to think about combining fabrics (curtains, blinds, quilts, bumpers, rugs), with the color of the floor and walls (painted or cloth) and with the style of the furniture (bassinets, crib, changing table, bedside table, direct lamps and indirect, pictures).

Currently, there is a great variety of styles to decorate your child's room, as well as multiple trends that set fashion. However, we recommend simplicity and light colors, which are better suited to the characteristics of serenity and calm that the baby needs after birth.

Travel and transport items (car seat, stroller bag, stroller, rain cover, etc.) must be of good quality. Regardless of tastes and colors, choose a durable stroller that won't break with constant folding when put in the car and is easy, simple to handle and safe when your baby uses it.

With utensils for feeding such as bottles, bibs, nipples ... it is important to consider their ergonomic shape and always adapted to the baby's age. And we cannot forget hygiene products such as combs, scissors, sponges, creams, colognes, etc., where softness and delicacy always go well with good taste.

It is advisable, especially for first-time parents, to consult other parents with more experience on the subject. Donations, as well as family inheritances, are also important and very timely, mainly to alleviate the expenses of the parents.

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