What to do if you have a popular child

What to do if you have a popular child

Be settled, ready, take out good grades, having many experiences to tell, physically graceful, mastering communicative language and knowing how to relate healthily with other girls, are fundamental characteristics to be a school popular girl.

Practice a sport in an outstanding way, or be handsome, get good grades and have certain leadership skills such as good communication, certain empathy, and feeling of justice, are characteristics for them interesting enough to be a popular kid in school.

The traits or characteristics offered above respond to some patterns We pedagogues have seen these popular children as predominant, but it is truly others who make them popular.

Being a popular child has associated a series of dangers for the correct sentimental and social development of the child. We tell you what they can be and what to do if you have a popular child.

If your son daughter is popular at school, we must teach them to assume that role and train them to continue maintaining those skills to have a healthy and normal maturational development, according to their age.

Must monitor the behavior of popular children since it can lead to:

- Authoritarianism: The popular child quickly realizes that you can persuade in others, and begins to assume that it can and cannot be done, making authoritarianism his way of establishing relationships and imposing your demands.

- Stop being empathetic: Start not being able to put yourself in the place of the other and not respecting feelings of others.

- Thinking that they are essential: He can begin to feel that others are mere companions of his person and he is essential, valuing very little people in his immediate environment.

None of the 3 above are characteristics in the end of a good leader, and they will surely develop for the worse, since if they become less empathetic, more authoritarian and feel more than others, in a short time will pass to side, and I will go from being popular to one more, or even one less, with the difficulty that later entails remaking you from that possible rejection.

What we should train for popular kids to improve are:

- Communication skills: Let them know that the word is the engine to do things.

- What empathize more, that they are capable of respecting the feelings of others and putting themselves in the place of others.

- TO become aware that his situation is due to the fact that others have involuntarily chosen him.

Train him to know the important values ​​of people so that he can transmit them, such as the loyalty, the modesty, the friendship wave Justice.

This type of popular people if they are trained in these three aspects will have a development and a bright adolescence as far as personal relationships are concerned.

If our children do not have this profile, we should not worry, but even so we must also train them in the three previous aspects as they are in improve your communication skills, that they work on their empathy knowing their emotions and those of others, and importance of your role in groups, in class, and to know universal values.

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