Have you heard of tocophobia or fear of giving birth?

Have you heard of tocophobia or fear of giving birth?

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As the time of delivery approaches, I believe that all women, even those who have given birth many times, a certain fear of feeling pain, suffering, and other fears related to their baby begins to grow. in case you are born with any abnormality, disease, etc. But there is an even bigger fear that I had ever heard of, that It is called Tocophobia. Have you heard anything about it?

Tocophobia or lochiophobia as it is also known, is a deep, persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear that some pregnant women have of gestating or giving birth to a baby. They are traumatized by everything that has to do with pregnancy and childbirth. Scientifically, it is an anxiety disorder, of a specific phobia type, with its symptoms and characteristics.

Tocophobias can be primary and secondary. The former refer to women who have never had children, who want to feel the emotion of having them, but who fear of suffering and not having the necessary strength and courage to give birth, hold them back from pregnancy. The secondary ones refer to women who had a bad experience in a childbirth and tremendously avoid going through the same situation.

A woman with this excessive and irrational fear usually has nightmares, difficulty concentrating, panic attacks, depression, nausea, and extreme anxiety. If you become pregnant, your response to childbirth is one of distress and anxiety. You will need support from a specialist so that your baby also does not suffer.

In some cases physicians are sufficiently convinced to perform an elective cesarean section. There are even cases of women who, for this extreme fear of childbirth and pregnancy, they decide to separate from their partners. Others even omit their fears, claiming their inability and inability to conceive.

Women who suffer from tocophobia choose not to be biological mothers. Psychologically they are convinced of it, to the point of not letting this decision affect their personal life. They often prefer to choose adoption.

Even so, specialists advise that they go through a good treatment so that they live calmly with themselves, and can be good mothers.

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