The real reason why children talk in dreams

The real reason why children talk in dreams

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Some children and adults speak in dreams. Most of the time it is a strange speech, almost unintelligible, but there are also those who are able to carry a meaningful conversation and even answer their bed partner, while they are totally asleep.

Why do some children speak in dreams? What does it mean? On our site we enter the exciting and unknown world of dreams to tell you a few curiosities about the curious fact of talking while we sleep.

There are many similarities between waking speech and dream speech, but also some differences. Nor there are many studies on people who speak in dreams and there are still many unanswered questions.

S believe that more than half of the people speak in dreamsThey could even be more because it is something that is not remembered and it is generally the others who tell what happened the next day.

Speaking in dreams is also known as somniloquia and is usually considered something strange by those who do not speak or believe that they do not speak, however, it cannot be more normal. Our brain is always activated, it does not disconnect at any time, not even when we are asleep, therefore, it is normal that what is happening in the child's brain while sleeping is manifested through speech.

Of my three children, two talk in their sleep and I, who am a light sleeper, stumble at night when I hear in the silence of the night some little voices, sometimes muffled and tired, others energetic and angry say things like "Noooo, to my nooooo "," That was not me! "," I'm going to build a huge one "or" Me with more chocolate ". Other many times they only emit purrs, disjointed words or phrases that seem taken from Esperanto.

Sometimes I try to understand what they are saying or even calm them down if they are in the middle of an imaginary brawl, but as it comes, it goes, regardless of what I say. But why can a child speak in dreams?

About dreams there are many and different theories and also very dense, therefore, we are going to focus only on the meaning of the words in dreams and the why of them. Children can talk in their sleep at any time of the night, although it is more common for them to do so in the deeper phases and, experts give several causes to this:

- Genetics: If the child who speaks is given a sleep study, similar antecedents will be discovered, whether they are grandparents, parents or uncles.

- Sleep disorders: sometimes it happens to those who also have other parasomnias such as sleepwalking or night terrors.

- Anxiety: it has been proven that in moments of worry or great stress there is a more disturbed sleep that leads the child to talk in his sleep.

- Disease: if the child has a fever, this discomfort is also transferred to the moment when he is asleep causing nightmares or very intense dreams that lead him to speak in dreams.

- Breakdown of sleep balance: The muscles of the mouth and vocal cords are in REM phase, but for a short moment this inactivity can be broken and the words from dreams are expressed aloud.

Speaking in dreams is not a disease, nor does it require any treatment, but we can help the child before going to bed by creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, reading a beautiful story, putting on relaxing music and not stimulating him. Also, if we notice that he is more rabid or has anxiety, we should investigate the causes of it.

And if not, we can sit and listen to the hilarious and outlandish stories that come from his lips. There are those who even use it to learn more about their partner or to find out what they do not want to tell while awake.

It is the mysterious world of dreams ...

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