Butchery. Song to play with babies

Butchery. Song to play with babies

With the song of Butchery you can make your baby laugh and play with him while we make him uncover his arm.

Having the baby discover parts of his body is a fun way to encourage baby's learning.

The butcher shop is a game to tickle and make the baby laugh.

With the song of the hand we pretend that we cut the meat in the child's body, and we slowly ascend, from the armpit to the wrist, and every time we say: "Let them cut you from here", we tickle him.

You go to the Butcher shop

and have a pound of meat cut off.

That is not from chest

that does not profit.

That you cut from here,

From here, from here!

Give me the little hand,

the pretty hand.

Give it to me, give it to me

how good it will be!

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