Gaston. Children's story about winter

Gaston. Children's story about winter

What changes happen in winter? The temperatures drop so much that it even snows, and when this happens the ground is covered in white, and the children love to go out to throw balls and make snowmen.

About one of these snowmen try this children's story about winter: Gastón. A story that talks about activities in winter, about having a good time with the family and about the magical things that sometimes happen. We invite you to read this beautiful children's story with your children.

It was a cold winter Sunday, but Jaime got up very early to look out the window.

It has snowed! It has snowed! - He shouted waking everyone in the house. The twins, Carlos and Andy, got up with the creeps and still half asleep they also approached the window.

- He has evaded! He has evaded! - they shouted at the same time, imitating their older brother with their rag tongue and they ran to their parents' room.

- Chicooos! - her mother protested, getting under the covers. - Today is Sundayooo!

But the three children were running nervously jumping around the marriage bed pulling the duvet.

"Okay dwarfs!" Her father said, jumping up and out of bed. But first you have to have breakfast.

They had a bowl of cocoa with milk, a glass of orange juice, and some toast bread with a delicious strawberry jam each. Then they went to brush their teeth and dress without protesting to go out as soon as possible.

They were wearing a tracksuit, an anorak, a woolen scarf and hat, colorful wellies over thick socks, and gloves.

- Ready? - said the father, opening the door that led to the garden.

- Yessss! - the three shouted as the mother was raising her hoods as they went outside.

They ran from one side of the garden to the other laughing, while they made snowballs to throw them at each other later.

There was a huge laugh when Jaime slipped and fell to the ground.

"Dad," Jaime said as his father helped him up from the ground.

- Can you make us a snowman? - I ask.

- Yessss! - The twins shouted again, delighted with the idea.

- Okay guys! - said the father, but I will need all your help.

He began to shape a huge snowball by rolling it across the ground. At the same time, Jaime imitated his father by making a smaller ball.

The father put the small ball on top of the large one and when he managed to hold them together he said:

- We already have the body and the head!

- Carlos! - He said, drawing the attention of the little one, - look for two small round stones that will help us make the eyes.

- And you Andy., - I continue, - look for a flexible branch to make the mouth.

Meanwhile, Jaime had entered the house asking his mother for clothes to dress the doll.

"Let's see what we find around here," said her mother, opening a closet door.

"This can help us!" - He said taking out a long colored scarf and an old blue woolen hat. Jaime took it out of her hands impatiently and ran off.

-Wait! - His mother said - I have an idea! And went to the kitchen before the questioning look of the child, opened the refrigerator and took out a long carrot.

"We'll put it on his nose," he said without hesitation.

Jaime ran, this time without waiting for his mother and, when he arrived, he saw that the doll had already come to life with its eyes and mouth fresh.

His father lifted Carlos up in his arms and circling the doll, they wrapped the scarf around his neck. Then I pick up Andy who carefully put the cap covering the small ball.

Immediately his mother appeared and deftly placed the carrot upside down. Jaime went to get a broom that was leaning against the wall of the greenhouse and put it on as a cane.

- What name do we give it? - Asked later when everyone looked satisfied surrounding the doll.

"I like Gastón," said the mother, waiting for everyone's approval.

—Gatón, Gatón! - the twins shouted applauding.

"Wait a minute!" - said the father, quickly entering the house. At the moment he appeared with a tripod and a camera. They all stood around the doll very still and smiled. Just when the camera clicked while taking the photo, Jaime glanced at Gastón and thought he was smiling at him.

Reading comprehension is as important as knowing how to read. To teach your child to understand what he reads, we propose a series of questions about this story that he has to answer:

- What name do they give the snowman?

- Do you remember what elements they put on the snowman?

- On what day of the week does this story occur?

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