Christmas tree with cardboard. Children's craft with recycled material

Christmas tree with cardboard. Children's craft with recycled material

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We propose you a very simple craft that you can do with children with recycled material. How about you do a Christmas tree with cardboard to decorate your house during the Christmas holidays?

We make it easy for you: you just have to follow this step by step, also supported by a demonstration video. Decorate your cardboard Christmas tree as you wish.


  • Green card
  • Brown cardstock
  • Gold cardstock
  • Glue
  • Stickers and a red bow
  • Star-shaped mold
  • Rule
  • Pair of scissors
  • Marker and stapler

1. Fold your cardboard in half diagonally, so that there is a triangle, and draw a line with the help of a ruler along the base of the triangle.

2. Now with the rule, you are drawing perpendicular lines, leaving a space between them, as if drawing steps of a ladder.

3. Make a cut along these lines, But only up to the line you drew at the beginning That will be your cap.

3. Open your tree and with the glue, join the end of each strip up to the stop on the opposite side. Do the same with the other side ... At the end of everything you will have a diamond.

4. Cut some red ribbon and make bows. They will be used to decorate the tree, along with your stickers.

5. Glue all your ornaments and with star-shaped mold, draw and cut out your star on gold cardboard. Stick it at the top of the tree, on the rhombus that you left.

6. Cut out a rectangle on the brown cardboard to make the trunk of the Christmas fir tree. Paste it and ... voila!