Tricks to prevent viral diseases in pregnancy

Tricks to prevent viral diseases in pregnancy

Pregnancy not only causes changes in the woman's body, it also produces other less apparent symptoms that influence her state of health. One of them is the weakening of the immune system.

This makes the pregnant woman easier to target for viruses and bacteria. To avoid flu, colds and colds, on our site we tell you a series of tricks to prevent viral diseases in pregnancy.

A cold or flu is not a serious illness, although it causes discomfort and discomfort does not affect the development of the pregnancy or pose any danger to the baby.

The cold is a respiratory tract condition caused by a virus and generally affects the upper airways. This disease is one of the most common in children and adults, its duration is approximately one week. The flu is also a viral disease whose symptoms are more intense than the cold and its duration is longer.

Nowadays, obstetricians prescribe analgesics to alleviate or minimize the effects of colds and flu, but if you do not want to see yourself engulfed in a sea of ​​mucus, headache, general malaise, watery eyes and coughs, we propose several ways to prevent these diseases viral infections in pregnancy.

It is about preventing the cold or the flu from attacking you during pregnancy, since, although it is not serious, it is an added discomfort to the various problems of pregnancy. So you can prevent them:

- At the beginning of autumn, with the arrival of the cold season, doctors recommend the flu vaccine for pregnant women.The flu vaccine is administered every year, since the flu virus is mutant, it transforms.

- If around you there are people with constipation or flu, avoid contact with them, they will understand that it is a delicate time to get sick. There will be time for kisses, hugs or closer contact when they are recovered.

- Maintain good hand hygiene and wash them frequently.

- Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

- Maintain good hydration and drink plenty of liquidor.

- Make a correct ventilation daily of closed spaces.

- Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

- Avoid crowded and closed places.

And, if despite all the care, you have not managed to escape the common cold and you feel discomfort, consult your gynecologist for the most appropriate treatment. Always avoid self-medicating but even more so during pregnancy.

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