Christmas tree makeup. Kids customes

Christmas tree makeup. Kids customes

The tree with its decorations is the star of the house during the Christmas holidays. For you to do a Christmas tree makeup on your child's face, in We offer you the makeup step by step so that you can do it very easily. Following this tutorial you will learn how to make a Christmas tree makeup.

Remember to always use hypoallergenic makeup for face painting and wash the child's skin very well when the party ends. Merry Christmas!


  • Green, brown and yellow face paint
  • Red face paint
  • silver glitter
  • Brushes

1. With the help of a fine brush and green paint, delimit the tree with lines making the shape of the tree, next to the child's face.

2. Fill in green by making lines imitating the branches of the tree.

3. At the bottom of the tree, paint the trunk of the tree brown.

4. With red paint, paint small balls in different parts of the tree.

5. With yellow paint, paint the star on the top of the tree, and with glitter add some details to give our tree shine.

Video: Christmas Elf Costume Makeup Application (January 2022).