10 actions to avoid childhood obesity

10 actions to avoid childhood obesity

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Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. The problem is global, and although it can affect all social strata, it is especially true in low- and middle-income countries.

It is estimated that in 2017 there are 42 million overweight children worldwide, of which about 35 million live in developing countries. If current trends continue, the number of overweight infants and toddlers will rise to 70 million by 2025.

Although being overweight is a very complex and multifactorial picture, from our site we want to propose you ten preventive actions to avoid childhood obesity.

1- Cut down on sugary carbonated drinks and industrial fruit juices. Both beverages provide a large amount of free sugars and "empty calories." Water is the best drink you can offer your child.

2- Reduce the consumption of processed foods. We advise you to buy fresh products, to make a simple cooking, of a lifetime.

3- Increase the consumption of legumes. They provide a large amount of fiber, which has satiating power and makes the absorption of fats and sugars more gradual.

4- Consumption of whole grain products increases. They get the same as legumes. Whole wheat bread or brown rice are very healthy options.

5- Encourage your child to exercise regularly, if possible outdoors. Especially interesting are "group" sports.

6- It is important that your child has breakfast every day. Be careful with the abuse of cookies and cereals that are not whole. Check the labeling of these foods, and check that they do not provide a large amount of free sugars.

7- Get him to snack every day. The ideal snack includes one or more pieces of fruit, a healthy snack, a good cereal, or a little milk. Reduce the amount of custards, drinkable yogurts, industrial pastries, packaged juices that you offer.

8- To avoid childhood obesity we must replace screen hours with hours of dynamic gameplay.

9- Food must be a relaxed and enjoyable family moment. Avoid anxiety situations during the meal.

10- Don't let him repeat his plate. If the amount of food you have put is reasonable, why are you going to offer more? There's no need.

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