Captain Leo's ship. Children's story about imagination

Captain Leo's ship. Children's story about imagination

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A huge shark stalks the pirates, nobody knows what to do ... what will happen? Will they get saved?

Maria O'Donnell has written for a story about a fast-paced adventure in the sea. Will it have the outcome we hope for?

We leave you this curious pirate tale, which tells us about the overflowing imagination of children, where children can be pirates, sailors and even sharks.

When we got on the ship of the Captain Leo, Matías was taking the helm. Captain Leo welcomed us delighted to have two more cabin boys on board.

I asked him about his parrot and he told me hoarsely that he was sleeping in the cabin.

We were not even a hundred leagues away, when a huge shark, which was coming straight at us with its jaws open. Panic spread among the crew, some began to climb the rooted ones, others hid in the holes of the lifeguards and the others they ran away on the deck, not knowing what to do.

After a few moments of fear, Matías managed to avoid the shark, we were already safe! However, the waves of the rough sea they shook Captain Leo's ship relentlessly.

The sailor Álvaro got so dizzy that we had to lay him on the ground and put wet cloths on his forehead until he recovered. We continue the journey, looking at our maps and compasses, hoping to find the treasure.

When we had been on board for a few days, Marcos shouted: - Land in sight! - then Captain Leo gave us permission to abandon ship in a boat that brought us closer to the beach.

We say goodbye to Captain Leo hoping to return to playing pirates in the park next Friday.

Author: María O´Donnell

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