Talk to your baby with your hands

Talk to your baby with your hands

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Touch is, without a doubt, the sense and the closest word that parents can use to communicate with your baby. Through massage, parents can strengthen emotional ties with your child and at the same time relax him and relieve possible colic or other discomfort that he may have, stimulate his psychomotor development, and reassure him.

Massage is as beneficial for babies as it is for their parents. And, you can also talk to your baby with your hands.

Have you tried giving your baby a massage? Well, it is not difficult at all. The important thing is not the technique itself, but that the environment be calm, to a nice tempeture, and that you are not aware of the time. With just 10 minutes you can give a good and relaxing massage that should not be limited to the movements of the hands. While you are giving the massage, it is convenient that talk and cuddle with your baby. He will love it and you will also be helping to improve his health and mood. Your baby is sure to babble.

It is recommended that wait until the month of birth to massage the baby. It is that in this first stage, babies sleep and eat all the time. It is also not advisable to give a massage when the baby is sick, or when i finish eating, or even when he is upset by something. It is convenient to give a massage daily, and if possible always at the same time, thus establishing a routine.

After bath it is a good time for a massage. You can start the massage with the help of a good moisturizer.

From under the ribs to the groin, start by gently pressing and dragging your hands in horizontal direction. Then you can make circles with your hands, in the clockwise, on the baby's abdomen, at the level of the navel. Next, hold the baby's feet, and press down on the legs, drawing the baby's knees toward the abdomen. You can hold this position for about 10 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement up to 3 times.

To finish, hold the baby's bottom with both hands and swing his hips on both sides, and then you can go down his hands down his legs to his feet. You'll see how he likes it and the good results you get, it is also a way of talk to the baby with your hands.

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