Everardo, the cook of romanceros. Children's story about Alzheimer's

Everardo, the cook of romanceros. Children's story about Alzheimer's

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How can we explain to children what Alzheimer's is? For children it is difficult to understand the disease of forgetting. If your child has someone close to him who suffers from Alzheimer's, we suggest that you read this story for children with rhyme. It can serve as a way to start a conversation to discuss the topic.

Everardo, the cook of romanceros, is an original children's story that tells the story of a funny cook who always prepared his dishes creating verses and one fine day he begins to forget them. We invite you to read this beautiful children's story about Alzheimer's.

Everardo simmered all his dishes, lovingly, delicately, as only he knew how to do. The salt at its point, neither bland nor salty, the exact amount of this or that ingredient and, in addition, it had a peculiarity that had made it very famous when serving them; He did it by singing romances, for that reason, he was known by everyone as Everardo the cook of romanceros.

Everardo sang happily:

I add chorizo ​​to the pot

beans and pepper,

salt, onion, garlic, bay leaf

and I'll serve you a story plate.

Another day he sang while serving a tasty fish dish:

Today I bring you a hake

because you have to eat fish.

with prawns and cod

and potatoes, what a mouthful!

His fame crossed borders and they came from all over the world to eat the exquisite dishes in that peculiar restaurant and, meet the famous cook of romanceros. One day he was getting ready to serve, as he always used to, one of his dishes and something happened that had never happened to him.

- What did I cook today? - He wondered doubtfully.

He took the ladle and stirring the stew, he tried it, checking that he had cooked some lentils. The days passed and Everardo continued singing to the amusing diners:

So that you eat everything

today I bring a tall plate,

Swiss chard, cabbage and spinach

and vegetable tempura.

- What dessert will I serve today? - He hesitated again, very dismayed at the surprised look of his assistants. Everyone realized that something was happening to Everardo. His absentmindedness became more and more frequent and he forgot the recipes and romances that he had repeated so many times.

Nobody becomes bitter by a candy

that's why there is flan and custard ...

One day Everardo began to sing and, without finishing, fell silent without knowing how to continue.

Chocolate ice cream

and vanilla cookies.

All the diners present chanted, finishing singing the romance of the desserts. Everardo trapped by Alzheimer's disease He was forgetting everything he had learned, but it happened that his children, friends and all those who frequented such an original restaurant and knew the friendly cook, were repeating all his romances by heart and never fell into oblivion.

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