Educate children's sense of humor

Educate children's sense of humor

There are few things as beautiful as a child's smile or laugh! For a father there is nothing better than seeing his son happy, radiant, with a smile from ear to ear. Laughter is one of the differentiating traits of the human being, have you seen an animal laugh when it is happy? The sense of humor and laughter are exclusive acts of human intelligence.

The emotional component of our children is the key to their present and future happiness. In addition, laughter and smile open the doors to others, it is one of the most important vehicles that our children can use to socialize.

Teaching them a kind treatment with others and the dedication of their smile and happiness, will help them to relate to anyone. For something, babies adopt this imitation behavior from their first months of life with which they get affectionate words and games from those who look at them and are captivated by their sympathetic and compromising gesture.

It is very important to develop the cheerful attitude of our children and teach them to have an easy laugh, for example through games, theaters, humorous movies, even real situations that often surpass fiction and are really hilarious.

Parents should take out the child in us more often, clown around and surprise them ..., give them a different point of view about us, so that they don't always see mom and dad as the ones who scold them when they do something wrong, or they forbid them or seriously advise them.

Playing with them is a good way to build our trust with them and offer them an excellent playmate and laugh that lives up to their expectations.

Educating them in a sense of humor will provide them with security and emotional well-being that are very beneficial for their psychological development and at the same time, trust, complicity, communication and emotional ties between us will be established as bombproof.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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