The emotional stability of children

The emotional stability of children

Working on children's emotions is already a reality in many schools. I have recently seen an example of a school that introduces a novelty in class work, 'The corner of the emotions'. This corner consists of the following: the teacher has made a mural in which the different states of mind that a person may have are represented: happy, sad, angry, scared, etc ...

Every day each child has to go through this corner and place his photo in the mood he thinks he is that day. Then, in a group, each child explains why he feels this way and shares it with his classmates. It seemed like a very good idea to work on this content of emotions, which is used so much in Infantile.

From school 'we are taught to think', but learning to feel is something that seems totally forgotten, is something that each one must learn to do alone.

This is one of the problems of current education, since we forget that the main objective of education is to promote the integral development of children and therefore education will have to contemplate all dimensions of the person: cognitive, physical -motor, psychological, social and affective-social.

Faced with a more traditional education that has been focused on the development of the cognitive aspect, today, and more and more, we find an educational model more oriented to helping children to better understand emotions, and to know how to control them.

Socio-affective development in children refers mainly to the ability to recognize and express emotions and feelings, it seeks to provide activities that allow the child to interact with the people around him so that he can socialize, establish affective bonds, express his emotions and achieve that emotional stability he needs.

When they are very babies, most of the reactions respond to internal stimuli, but others are reaction to stimuli that the environment provides. Activities such as caressing him, rocking him, singing to him and talking to the baby, even though he does not understand verbal language yet, he does perceive the gestures and non-verbal language of the body, and hands.

At around 3 months, they are already capable of expressing anguish, excitement and pleasure, so it is essential that we motivate the baby through incentives, such as a hug, a loving word, smiles etc ... when they achieve achievements.

By 6 months, children already identify and recognize their mother's moods. For this reason and for the baby to recognize these moods, it would be highly advisable to show him gestures of laughter with laughter, frown, pout, make faces of fright, astonishment, and always through play as it is the best way babies learn.

Humiliation, the absence of parents, injustice, betrayal, rejection, excessive demands, lack of affection and the cancellation of children's emotions are the main emotions that cause deep wounds in children. On our site we have linked these wounds with the scars left in children.

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