Children's games that help to cope with school subjects

Children's games that help to cope with school subjects

A new school year begins and with it homework, study, exams ... Tasks that require concentration, attention, memory and motivation from children.

Attention, memory, and the ability to concentrate are very important abilities when it comes to learning, because if there is no attention, we cannot process the important stimuli and if we do not attend to what is important, learning becomes very difficult. Although they normally develop with the maturation of the child, (the attention span of a 3-year-old child is not the same as that of a 10-year-old child), there are children's games and activities that we can do with them to face school subjects and improve these skills in a fun and playful way.

We propose a series of children's games that help children to face school subjects since they stimulate their ability to concentrate, their attention and their memory:

- Mazes. With these activities we work attention, concentration, organization and spatial reasoning and fine motor skills important for writing.

- Letter soup: in them we work our attention (searching among many letters for the ones that make up a certain word), but we also work on skills related to reading and writing and spelling.

- Puzzles and puzzles: Traditional games that help the child to work on attention, visual integration, perceptual reasoning and concentration.

- Chained words. In this game we put in place important skills for reading and writing, so it is a fun and very useful game especially for children who are starting to read and write.

- Intruder identification activities. It is a matter of searching among a set of images for the one that is not related to the rest. In addition to working on attention and reasoning, we work with the children on vocabulary, language, and concepts.

- Find the differences: a game in which you have to find the differences between two apparently equal drawings, which will help the little ones to work on their attention span, perceptual reasoning, concentration, etc ... (from 4 years old we can play with them to find differences you facilitate).

- Memory: the fun memorizing couples game that children love. In it we work attention and visual memory.

- Simon: a lifelong game available for mobile phones and tablets in which we work on visual and auditory attention and memory.

- Double: a game in which we turn on the attention, the processing speed, (you have to be very fast!).

- Languinis: an app with which we can work on attention and basic skills for reading, writing and spelling.

- The spider Popi, a spelling parcheesi with which to learn and work spelling in a visual and fun way for children (from 3rd grade).

- The Cave of Word Eater in a game for the computer in which we work on basic skills for reading, writing and attention is also worked on.

All these apps and games are valid and very useful for all children, and can be especially useful for children with learning difficulties (dyslexia, ADHD, etc ...)

It is important to adapt the difficulty of the games to the age of the children, and take it for what it is, a game, so we must help the child, give him clues if he gets frustrated, share the game with him, and not "penalize" the mistakes.

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