How to improve your relationship with your ex partner when there are children involved

How to improve your relationship with your ex partner when there are children involved

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How to have a good relationship with your ex partner when there are children involved? This issue is one of those that most concerns parents. It is clear that if you were not able to understand each other when you were married, it will be even more difficult to do so when you are divorced.

There are many issues to deal with when you have children in common and it is almost impossible for your ex partner to completely disappear from your life when there are many things to agree on.

You have to assume that you should talk to your ex partner, and therefore, the more relaxed this new relationship is, the better for everyone. The most important thing for children when a relationship breaks down is that the parents have a cordial bond. You don't have to be friends, but you do have to respect each other and be able to talk about issues in relation to them. Keep in mind that the two of you have something in common for life: children.

So here are some Keys for the relationship with your ex to be the best possible if you have children:

1- Do not use your children as a messenger or currency of exchange. You are both adults and you must bear in mind that the child must be left out of your problems. Whenever you can, try to solve the differences between you without your children knowing.

2- Do not disrespect your ex partner. You must lead by example, if throughout the child's upbringing you have taught him that he must respect his friends and colleagues, now is the time to teach him that you do it too, even if deep down you are full of anger. Talk to your ex in the most respectful way possible, without insults or yelling, even if the other does not respond positively, your child will appreciate it. Imagine that you are a co-worker with whom you have a common goal: your children.

3.- Try to say something nice to your ex partner. When you talk on the phone, or you see each other in exchanges, do not show all your anger, think about something positive and be able to say something good about the other so that the atmosphere relaxes, little by little your ex will appreciate those little details, and will lower your guard.

4- Do not speak badly to your son of your ex partner. It is about his mother or father, you should not make him feel guilty for loving him. Even if you want to let off steam, your child is not the best person to listen to you and you will create a bad environment. Also, if your child is young, he will end up telling your ex-partner about it and you will argue about it again.

5- Even if you have the custody hours and days in writing, as long as it does not provoke a discussion and you both agree, be flexible. Children will appreciate it.

6- Try not to touch hot topics in front of the child when you see each other. Talk it over on the phone or when he's not around.

7- You can send each other email to keep up to date with the important things. By letter it is impossible to yell at each other.

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