5 ideas for children to learn to be patient

5 ideas for children to learn to be patient

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The patience or the ability to wait is a value that can and should be taught to children from the earliest age. Patience is a virtue and a skill that will help children to coexist properly with others, to be calm, to avoid nervousness, stress and impulsiveness, among other things. Many parents ask what they can do to make children understand that not all their wishes or requests can be met at once.

Thinking about it, has put together 5 tips for parents to help children learn to be patient:

1. Patience must be learned by example.

Children will learn nothing about patience if their parents do not live it and do not exercise it on a day-to-day basis. If you want your child to be patient, be patient with him. It is very important that you do not complain when you have to wait in line, in a traffic jam, at a medical consultation, or waiting for your child to get dressed, eat, etc. Remember that learning to be patient requires patience.

2. Patience with time.

When the child asks you a question while you are doing a task, that is, cleaning, cooking or even talking to someone on the phone or in person, it is convenient that you take a little time to answer. Let him know by showing him what you are doing that he will have to wait until you finish what you are doing. Then calmly respond to your child in the best possible way. The child must know that he is not the center of the world.

3. Patience when playing.

There are parents who assume that their children are born already knowing how to play and handle all kinds of toys. All learning takes time and patience. Play with your child and take the opportunity to exercise patience with him. Read the toy manual together and learn how to play. If the toy is to assemble, listen to what your child wants to do and help him to achieve it, with patience. Connect with your child.

4. Patience and calm with children's tantrums.

Children think that with tantrums or tantrums, they will get what they want. Parents must show them that tantrums will not change their decision. Frustration will make them more resistant and more patient. Children must learn to express their discontent when they do not agree with something, but with patience and without tantrums.

5. Patience in nature.

One of the ways to teach children patience is by telling them, for example, how some animals achieve their goals by working with patience and persistence. For example, showing them how the ants work that drag bits of bread or leaves a long way, over and over again. You can also show them how a plant is planted and we watch it grow, little by little.

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