Dancing while pregnant, is it possible?

Dancing while pregnant, is it possible?

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Attending a concert and not stopping moving, going to a disco and giving free rein to your feet or practicing dance exercises to your favorite music in a gym is a pleasure at any age.

But, Can we dance while pregnant? Is it good for the baby for his mother to move and shake her body to the music? In what situations is dancing not recommended during pregnancy?

It is clear that pregnancy is not a disease and, therefore, we must take care of ourselves, but not limit ourselves. However, in the gentleness of the exercises lies the balance so that the dance is also a benefit for the mother and her baby. Bounce and jump to the beat of the Black Eyes Peas It is not the most beneficial for pregnancy, since during the first three months there is a risk of detachment of the placenta and, during the last trimester, the volume of the uterus is too large to jump.

However, practicing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily is one of the recommendations that gynecologists insist on the most, especially when it comes to walking or swimming, two ideal exercises to practice during pregnancy. The additional benefits of exercise during pregnancy are multiple: it helps to relieve stress, to develop the necessary resistance to childbirth, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves cardiovascular work and promotes a good mood.

The best dance to practice during pregnancy is Arabic dance because it is low impact and consists of soft steps. In any type of dance that you practice during pregnancy You must be very careful with turns, jumps and, in general, with sudden movements.

Start dancing gently, do not raise your body temperature too much and watch your posture so as not to injure your back with the weight of the baby. Exclude any movement that could cause you to lose your balance because falls are especially dangerous during pregnancy and with the increase in weight of your body, the center of gravity is not the same. And also, always include an initial muscle warm-up before the dance session and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the dance.

The dance will make you sweat, so it is necessary that you drink water to replace the lost liquid. However, remember that you should stop doing any physical activity, including dancing, and immediately consult with your doctor if you notice the loss of any fluid, you start to bleed, you feel dizzy, nauseous or short of breath, you feel pain in the abdomen or chest, you have contractions or you do not feel your baby move.

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