Why Talent Isn't Enough For Kids To Succeed

Why Talent Isn't Enough For Kids To Succeed

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All parents want our children to be successful in some way. And we tend to think that only exceptionally talented people make it. However, the evidence seems to show that this is not so.

And it is that, although children have a certain talent, it does not augur success in what they are good at. Sometimes it is another circumstance that determines when they fulfill their dreams. Can you imagine which one? We explain why talent is not enough for children to be successful and what is the key to achieving it.

K. Anders Ericsson, professor of psychology in the State of Florida, USA, spent 30 years analyzing the reasons why some people are exceptionally good in the fields in which they work and concluded that in most cases talent is not enough for children to be successful, but solid and consistent practice. In short, the will.

The professor maintains that Almost anyone can be very good at an activity if they deliberately choose to do it consistently above their comfort zone. And this applies to music, dance, singing or sports. But it is necessary to carry out a training plan establishing objectives to be surpassed.

Making an effort is more important than genetic determinism, or natural talent, according to Ericsson. Dedicated parents are also required to accompany the goal and motivate children to keep going even when they want to lower their arms.

You probably don't expect your child to be an Olympic champion or a professional dancer, but the concept holds true in any case. When children say they are not good at reading, writing, or learning math, we must insist that beyond their capabilities, practice always brings good results.

This has a scientific explanation and that is that if certain tasks are performed from an early age, a neuronal change occurs that enhances the area of ​​the brain that is being exercised.

An additional effort of children, brings positive consequences for life and furthermore, checking that the efforts bring results will be a relevant learning for their whole life.

Other professionals such as Douglas Detterman, professor at Case Western University, explained in turn that personality and motivation are key to exceptional performance in any area.

Some professionals have disputed Ericsson's studies, but he argues that those who reject his ideas understand "practice" as something vague that is done from time to time, and he argues that the type of training he refers to is one or much more profound. through which there is an intense routine, work on concentration and habits and above all, there is a coach who closely follows all the processes.

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