Dark circles in children. What they tell us about your health

Dark circles in children. What they tell us about your health

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All of us have presented those unsightly blue spots under the eyes at some point. The most likely cause is that you have had a bad night, that you are stressed, or too tired, or what is the same, that you have had children.

But sometimes it is the children who have dark circles, that's when we begin to ask ourselves dozens of questions: will the child be tired or sick? Has he slept badly? ... and at that moment we begin to worry. We tell you what children's dark circles tell us about their health.

Although dark circles are not common in children, the truth is that there are several causes that can cause them so early, and it does not always mean that they are sick.

1- The first cause, like adults, is the lack of sleep or tiredness. See if there have been any events during the week that have caused the child to be more tired than usual. Normally, if this is the cause, in a couple of days of rest the dark circles will be completely gone.

2- In some cases they appear due to a poor circulation of the veins under the eyes and that communicate with the nasal veins. This is due to a lack of ventilation in the area, that is, a nasal congestion, which can be caused by allergic conditions, a cold, rhinitis or asthma.

3- Genetic causess. Sometimes those dark circles, whatever we do, are still present, then the genetic factor will have to be taken into account and see if any of the relatives present those same traits.

What to do to treat dark circles in the child?

There is not really a treatment for dark circles, although there are numerous home remedies. There are all kinds of them: putting cold cucumber or potato slices in the eyes, or directly ice cubes, washing the eyes with chamomile ... but the truth is that it is not advisable to subject children to this torture unnecessarily, since It is enough to eradicate the problem that caused the dark circles in children so that they disappear on their own.

If the cause is fatigue, it is remedied in a few days with a good night's sleep; if the cause is genetics, it will be of little use to put cold in the eyes; And, In the event that the cause is the lack of nasal ventilation, it is best to go to the doctor to prescribe something for the allergy or simply wash the nose thoroughly so that it is as clear as possible.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that some of these remedies can cause allergies, especially those that use creams and chemicals, and it is really only an aesthetic issue, since they would not solve the problem.

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