Why Children Who Help With Housework Will Be More Successful Adults

Why Children Who Help With Housework Will Be More Successful Adults

Children have rights, yeah but they also have duties and obligations. For example: helping at home. We make them more and more passive in this regard. If before, when we were 9 years old, we already scrubbed, vacuumed or helped with food, today this is unthinkable in many homes.

What perhaps many are unaware of is the benefits of helping at home, not only for parents, but for the children themselves. And not only for your present, but also ..for your future!

Help at home brings many benefits to children, and some of them persist and emerge later, when the child becomes an adult. Or at least it is what defends Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of the prestigious Stanford University, and a staunch defender of raising children from love but without falling into overprotection. Do you want to know what housework brings to children? Here are five powerful reasons to encourage them to help you at home:

1. Autonomy: Housework is a challenge for children, a challenge that they manage to overcome without problems and that give them greater autonomy and independence.

2. Social skills: Helping at home teaches children great skills. They don't just learn to scrub, make their beds, or keep the house tidy. It teaches them skills to overcome difficulties, organize time, plan strategies, set priorities and meet challenges.

3. Teamwork: From the moment children begin to collaborate at home, they feel like an important part of the team called family. And they learn, well, if they do learn, the advantages of working as a team. In addition to this, they rehearse in the field with relationships with others within the same team. That is, they acquire skills to learn to negotiate.

4. Values: Helping with housework gives children great values. In addition to teaching them the advantages of teamwork, it teaches them the value of effort, solidarity, empathy, humility, patience ...

5. Responsibility: A child who is assigned a task at home is also assigned a responsibility, and this is a wonderful tool to gain self-esteem and autonomy.

The author of the famous book 'How to raise successful children' it warns of a trend in a certain way of raising children today that does not do them any good ... Many parents try to avoid burdens on children, they do not let them do chores at home and they try to avoid all kinds of homework that may pose risk or frustration to them. These are nothing more than obstacles on your path of learning and maturing. We keep them safe and sound ... but we don't let them be themselves.

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