What do babies play at in Nursery School? 360º video

What do babies play at in Nursery School? 360º video

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Play is the engine of children's learning. For this reason, in the first years of life, any teaching activity should be based on play. But... Do you know what your son plays at kindergarten?

Here you have a unique opportunity to discover first hand how babies play in nursery or kindergarten. We 'sneak' into the Nemomarlin Infant School - Retiro to watch babies play ... and what!

You can move around the image however you want. You only have to click with the mouse if you are in front of the computer or move your smartphone if you watch the video from your mobile. You will be able to observe how the children play and best of all ... they have fun while learning!

These 3-year-olds play dress-up, swim among colored balls in a sensory pool, observe the hypnotic light of a lava lamp, or climb or crawl through toys designed to develop babies' motor skills. They play, without being aware that they are learning, and that this game means for them a breakthrough in its development.

Children learn by playing. And they learn basic skills, abilities and knowledge. The game also benefits them on a psychomotor level. Here are some of the games that you can see in the video and what they bring to babies:

- The costumes: In the video you can see how the children choose, among all the toys, the costumes. They love to dress up as lions, dancers, fairies ... They love to represent a character, change their image, suddenly be whoever they want. Having the superpowers of a hero or having the ability to turn people into flowers ... Costumes stimulate children's imaginations and help them relate to others. That is, they also help them improve their social skills.

- The ball pool: Is there anything a baby likes more than a ball pit? The child exercises: jumps, throws himself on them, grabs them with his hands ... It is good for his fine motor skills and also for motor and visual development. The ball pool enhances the baby's balance. The balls are brightly colored and this also stimulates the sense of sight ... and touch!

- The light lamp: It is a truly amazing item. Babies are fascinated by lights. Powerfully attract their attention. Light lamps or lava lamps help them to improve concentration and patience, since it helps them to focus for a long time on something specific. It is an element widely used to achieve relaxation and help to think.

- Children's gym elements: The bridges and ramps made of material designed for babies become a fabulous gym for them. They practice balance, tone the muscles of the torso and legs and stimulate spatial intelligence. Fantastic!

Dolls and puppets: Thanks to dolls and puppets, babies experiment with symbolic play. They represent roles and situations that are nothing more than a wonderful training for life. And yes, they also bring more creativity and imagination.

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